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Hospital Status

On arrival, the patient was diaphoretic, alternately somnolent and agitated, and unable to follow commands. No seizure activity was noted. Her eyes opened spontaneously.  She spoke but produced only incomprehensible sounds. She withdrew inconsistently from painful stimuli.  As far as could be ascertained, she had been well previously and had been taking no medications.

The temperature was 35.5°C, the blood pressure was 120/76 mm Hg, the heart rate was 108 beats per minute, the respiratory rate was 36 breaths per minute, and oxygen saturation was 100 percent while the patient was breathing room air.

Physical examination revealed no evidence of traumatic injury. The pupils were 5 mm in diameter, round, and reactive to light. The gaze appeared intermittently disconjugate.  There were no neck masses; palpation of the neck did not appear to be painful, and the neck was fully mobile with no apparent stiffness or limited range of motion. The lungs were clear on auscultation. The heart rate and rhythm were regular, and there were no murmurs. The abdomen was soft, nondistended, and without palpable masses. The extremities were warm and well perfused, and the patient moved them all equally well.  She was incontinent of stool, which was brown and negative for occult blood.