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CT of the Abdomen & Pelvis with Contrast

Gastro 30mL & ISOVUE 370 – 100 mL

INDICATIONS – Fever and sepsis.

RESULTS – Contiguous axial tomograms of the abdomen and pelvis were obtained after the administration of IV and oral contrast.  The lung bases are clear.  MULTIPLE SPLEENS are present in the upper abdomen, the majority to the left of midline.  This is compatible with polysplenia syndrome.  The patient has situs ambiguous with an abnormal shaped liver and right-sided stomach, which is a classic finding of polysplenia syndrome.  In addition, the inferior vena cava is congenitally absent above the renal veins and continues as the azygos vein, this is also part of the syndrome.  The body and tail of the pancreas are congenitally absent.  This syndrome is also associated with gut malrotation.  Obstructions or ileus are not observed.  The patient’s native kidneys are atrophic.  There is a transplant kidney at the left lower quadrant.  A peritoneal dialysis catheter is present.  No focal inflammatory process or abscesses are present.  No free fluid or free air is identified.  This syndrome is also associated with cardiovascular abnormalities.  Clinical correlation is needed.

IMPRESSION:  No definite acute inflammatory process or abscess identified.  Polysplenia syndrome as described above.

RD: 455, mA: 773,KVp: 120